Socket Bone Regeneration

When teeth have an infection, bone lost to periodontal disease, a tooth fractures, or has extensive decay and/or is lost for any other reason, a hole or defect is left in the bone.

Socket Bone Regeneration Extensive Decay Sun City AZ Dentist

Typically the condition or disease wipes out bone around the dental implant leaving a bigger hole than desired for dental implant placement. If this hole is left to heal on its own, in 3 months 25% of the bone is lost and at 6 months, on average, 50-60% of the bone is lost or resorbed.

Socket Bone Regeneration Extensive Decay Sun City AZ Dentist

This leaves a defect with poor quality and quantity of bone for placement of dental implants. This can be prevented with a simple procedure: Socket Bone Regeneration. Most often in our practice, I place the dental implant and bone particles at the same visit.

Socket Bone Regeneration Implant Placement Sun City AZ Dentist

The implant is placed and particles of a bone substitute are placed around the dental implant. This not only allows us to place a dental implant of proper length and width, it also provides an adequate amount of bone for chewing on the final tooth, and maintains an aesthetic appearance.

Socket Bone Regeneration Implant Healing Sun City AZ Dentist

Although many sites can have dental implants placed without the addition of bone, research shows that proper bone width and height provides better gum health, more stable aesthetic results, the best bone stability and longer-term success rates of dental implants.

Socket Bone Regeneration Implant and Crown Healed Sun City AZ Dentist
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