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Effects of Antimicrobial Mouth Rinses
Posted on 4/29/2023 by Greg Kammeyer
I recently read a report comparing the effectiveness of the four most effective mouth rinses both on the key bacteria effecting dental health and how do they affect fibroblasts. Below is the summary of their findings.
Here is a study comparing the most effective antimicrobial rinses on a number of different bacteria that we are concerned with.
Our objective is to compare the anti-bacterial efficacies of 0.12% CHX (Peridex) 10% PVD (Crest and Listerine), herbal gel (VEGA) and an antioxidant gel (AO-Betadine) on Streptococcus mutans (S.m), Streptococcus sanguis (S.s), Fusobacterium nucleatum (F.n) and Porphyromonas gingivalis (P.g) with and without the effect of nicotine. The secondary objective was to evaluate the effects of these agents on human gingival fibroblasts (HGFs) proliferation and cytotoxicity.

Effect of Antibacterial Agents towards HGF Cytotoxicity (LDH Assay):
CHX and AO were cytotoxic at all dilutions while PVD was cytotoxic at 1/10 and 1/100 dilution (p<0.05).
VEGA did not show cytotoxicity at any dilution (p>0.05).
CHX and PDV have superior antibacterial properties, but significantly reduced HGF (fibroblasts-this is why I MOVED away from CHX) proliferation at the higher concentrations. AO was bacteriostatic at lower dilution but was highly toxic to HGFs. VEGA revealed significant bacteriostatic activity at lower dilution and demonstrated no detrimental effects on the HGF’s. This favorable property of VEGA towards fibroblasts may enhance healing outcomes. The results of our study may be extrapolated for developing a post-surgical protocol for periodontal and peri-implant soft and hard tissue deficiencies.
We’ve switched to Vega over a year ago and I find a clinically noticeable difference between it and CHX AND it doesn’t stain teeth or restorative dentistry.
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