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Tissue Regeneration or Gingival Graft
Posted on 3/21/2021 by Greg Kammeyer
Tissue regeneration is a kind of periodontal or peri-implant plastic surgery that is used to stop recession of the gingival line and underlying bone and often to cover an exposed tooth root surface with a grafted/transplanted oral tissue. Over time the body resorbs the transplanted tissue and replaces it with new tissue. This leaves the treated area protected from further recession.

Roots of a tooth may be exposed due to gum recession caused by narrow bone ridge, periodontal disease, aggressive brushing, tooth crowding and trauma. Gingival recession occurs when the tissue around the teeth pull away from the tooth, exposing a significant portion of the tooth root in the process. This causes a loss of the supporting bone, weakening the tooth support and making the root more vulnerable to decay. Gingival recession can also be caused due to a number of reasons such as: ineffective oral hygiene, excessive flossing or brushing, ill-fitting orthodontic appliances such as braces or tongue bolts, prominent or malpositioned teeth which are not fully encased in supporting bone, muscle attachments pulling at the gingival line, unhealthy oral habits such as holding foreign objects between the teeth that press on the gum tissues, grinding or clenching the teeth or partial dentures.

Why is gum regeneration performed?
•  Root Exposure Related Problems: If the patient cannot brush the exposed root surface, a lot of plaque and calculus is built up on the root which further stimulates recession and allows the onset of tooth decay. Gum regeneration is performed to protect and cover the root surface or is some cases is focused on simply stopping further recession.
•  Hypersensitivity: When the patient suffers from extreme tooth sensitivity due to an exposed
root surface, it usually means that gum regeneration surgery is required. It covers the root surface,
which will minimize the sensitivity.
•  Appearance: The aesthetic look of the gingival often is uneven and attracts attention. If the
patient isn’
•  t happy with the way their teeth look when they smile or talk, this surgery can be performed. The root surface of the teeth can often be covered or adjusted to give a natural appearance.

This surgery is also recommended before getting fixed type of restorations, such as crowns and implants, to protect supporting teeth.

Dr. Kammeyer performs three types of gingival graft procedures.
•  Connective-tissue grafts: It is used to treat one or more areas of gum recession. A flap of tissue required for the surgery is taken from the roof of your mouth, or human donor tissue is used, which is then stitched over the area of exposed root, under the gum line.
•  Free gingival grafts: They are similar to connective tissue grafts, but the tissue is taken directly from the palate. This procedure is used to thicken gum tissue and get a stronger barrier to prevent further recession.
•  Pedicle grafts: With this method tissue is rotated from one area to another.

How successful is gum graft surgery?
When the right symptoms have been discovered and the right surgical techniques are used, the success of gum graft surgery is very high. Dr. Kammeyer has been doing gum regeneration since 1980.

Benefits of Gum Grafts
You should consider getting a gum graft to enjoy the following advantages:
•  It prevents further gum recession or slows down its progress
•  It reduces tooth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold food
•  It protects the teeth from root decay
•  It improves the aesthetic and appearance
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