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What is dental bone regeneration?
Posted on 4/29/2023 by Greg Kammeyer

Bone regeneration is a safe surgical procedure that involves adding or ‘building up’ bone to the jaw by using the natural bone from another oral site, synthetic bone materials, or processed human or animal bone materials. In most cases, the new bone is obtained from outside the mouth itself, which is the most comfortable method.
Once the grafted bone becomes strong and integrated with the existing bone, dental implants can be placed successfully in the regenerated bone. Regenerated dental bone forms the foundation for successful dental implants. The time of integration of the bone material with the natural bone depends on the location of the site and the density of the bone. It might either take a few weeks or several months.
Why is Dental Bone Regeneration Performed?
>Most often it is regenerated at a site that has lost bone to disease or lack of a tooth (teeth)
> Sites where disease has occurred or is present, can still need bone regeneration, yet have the implant at the same time, saving the patient time, visits and dental costs.
>Bone can be regenerated around surgically implanted devices such as implants to have the critical amount of bone necessary for long term implant stability.
>Bone is often regenerated around sites that have had trauma, particularly where a tooth has been knocked out.
>Regenerated bone can make a site next to a tooth have much longer term cleanability and longevity = healthier.
> A very common use of bone regeneration is to maintain bone structure after tooth extraction which again makes the dental implant more predictable.
> Lastly since bone supports our facial looks, maintaining and restoring facial bone structure with bone regeneration can be life altering. Notice that facial and jaw bones support the skin and muscle of the face which determines the outer appearance. When there is bone loss or if the underlying bone doesn’t have sufficient support, then our faces will look prematurely aged.
Apart from these reasons, several dental procedures require bone to be as close to the original/natural composition, position and dimension to be performed successfully. Again the use of bone regeneration is used to restore form, function, esthetics and health for the patient.
Bone regeneration is performed in Dr. Kammeyer’s office using Intravenous sedation (typically), to remove anxiety allowing you to be comfortable and Dr K to focus on surgical excellence. Local anesthesia to numb the areas that where the surgery will be performed will also be used. Dr Kammeyer’s primary concern is your comfort and safety. He has a Masters degree in Implant Dentistry, focusing on bone regeneration.
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