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Is Aging inevitable? Or is it?
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Is Aging inevitable? Or is it?
Posted on 5/1/2023 by Greg Kammeyer
Is Aging inevitable? Or is it?
Mitochondrial Health
The mitochondria are the cells lungs, keeping the food we eat oxygenated. They also play a role in helping dying cells and one aging theory is that changes in DNA occur with cellular death, so that excess cell death can overload the mitochondria which leads to aging.
Reducing that damage, by keeping cell death slow and keeping mitochondrial health is greatly affected by toxins. Highly processed foods, plastics, lotions, shampoos etc all affect mitochondrial health.
To reduce toxin exposure:
[-3880] Eat whole, unprocessed foods. Ditch the boxed, canned and sugary foods.
[-3880] Eat organic, non-GMO foods, especially eat organic foods with thin skins; grapes, berries, tomatoes etc or no skins: many veggies.
[-3880] Exercise for 30 minutes daily: MD’s advice is to do 150 minutes/week of aerobic exercise. It all counts, no matter how much you do!
[-3880] Avoid using plastic containers for food storage and water bottles
[-3880] Never microwave food in plastic containers: Heated plastics put off BPA and phthalates.
[-3880] Drink water from a high quality tap water filtration system
[-3880] Check your lotions, creams, cleaning supplies for toxins at
OF course quality sleep, supplements, intermittent fasting and massages all contribute to our health as well. After 41 years of practice, and asking countless seniors that are active and healthy what they do, I agree with Dr Tanya Carroccio, DNP who summarized this list. I’d also add the importance of socialization, a sense of purpose and of spirituality. I’m amazed at how many 80-95 year olds I regularly see that are doing many of the above practices, and living an active, life with a sharp mind.

Yours for better health,
Greg Kammeyer, DDS, MS, DABOI
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