Delayed Implants with Sinus Lift
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When multiple back upper teeth need to be removed or replaced, often substantial bone has been lost from periodontal disease, sinus enlargement or wearing a denture or partial denture. Without teeth in the area, bone continually melts away.
Delayed Implants with Sinus Lift Bone Lose Dentist in Sun City

When significant bone is lost the bone cannot be placed at the same time as the dental implants. This leaves little bone available for the implants as the grey bone in this illustration shows. Again the dark area above the bone is the hollow space of the sinus cavity.

Delayed Implants with Sinus Lift Sinus Cavity Dentist in Sun City

When this occurs, a staged approach is indicated and the bone is placed in a separate session, prior to having the implants placed. Often today, I use a growth factor (read technology section) which nearly doubles the amount of new bone formed in the first few months, allowing us to shorten the total treatment time and increase the predictability of this procedure.

Delayed Implants with Sinus Lift Bone Replacement Dentist in Sun City

Bone is again placed carefully into the sinus cavity and 2–6 months time is needed for enough bone turnover (new bone growth) to occur, to allow implant placement.

Delayed Implants with Sinus Lift Implants Placed Dentist in Sun City

Since the bone in this area is weak and mostly regenerated, we typically use 1 implant per tooth to be built.

Delayed Implants with Sinus Lift Implanted Teeth Dentist in Sun City

Like most implanted teeth, they feel, chew, and look like natural teeth. Compared to other tooth replacement methods, this procedure is highly effective and has a great volume of research to back up the predictability of the procedure.

Case Studies #3, 5 & 7 and Upper Jaw Case, and Full Upper Implants with Sinus Graft Cases all show sinus bone regeneration.
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