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We know our patients want to make sure they are in good hands, and we couldn't agree more. That's why it's important to read first-hand testimonials from happy patients of Solutions Dental Implants.

Dr. Kammeyer

The Office and Team

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Before & After Comments of Patients

Before Treatment

"I had been through 2 years of fighting with the full plate (denture), I had a difficult time keeping it in my mouth. I had weekly adjustments, used the Fixodent (glue) and I just couldn't wear it."

After Treatment

"It was so much easier then I thought it would be. The first day I was uncomfortable. On the second day it was just a little ache and past that it was great."

Debbie H. , (Laveen, AZ)

Before Treatment

"From what I had in the past; my plate, the bridge would move, get loose and chewing was not very good. It was difficult. After a while you just don't want to eat-you'd rather eat soup because you just didn't enjoy eating."

After Treatment

"With the implants I can eat just about anything I want. I am not restricted at all to anything. I feel like eating and I tell everybody it's just like having your own teeth. They don't move, I chew well, I enjoy eating - I just love it and I would do it again; believe me. I just can't tell you how much the staff of Dr Kammeyer's and himself has helped. It was just a great experience all the way around."

Laurel F., (Surprise, AZ)


The BEST experience ever
On my 1st visit, I was told I needed a major procedure. It scared me and I cried. From that moment forward Dr Kammeyer and his staff made sure that my experience going forward was a positive one. He and his staff are amazing. My questions were answered with compassion and patience. I never felt rushed, personal experiences were shared with such sensitivity and some humor. My anxiety was calmed with warm, gentle hand-holding. After the procedure, Dr K called me personally to make sure I was doing ok. When I had post-procedure questions they were answered quickly and thoughtfully. More offices should use this office as their model for patient care! This office is definitely worth recommending!

The office of Dr. Greg Kammeyer (Dr. K) for short is a place you will enjoy visiting even if you "hate the dentist." Trust me, his care of your dental needs is top drawer. Your comfort is his first concern along with his really great staff. They are there to make sure you have a good experience.

Joan & Bob S. - 8/2/2021

I come here each year for my annual checkup knowing that I will consistently receive the best in dental implant care by a cohesive and pleasant team of professionals.

Philip C. - 10/28/2020

Dear Dr. Kammeyer,

Having been a previous patient of yours for dental implant and now having my second procedure, I felt it necessary to express my gratitude to you and your staff.

Your office is unlike any dental facility I've encountered in that, you and your staff are wann, kind, people oriented, highly trained and dedicated. The atmosphere in the waiting room is like that of being in ones own living room. You notice an immediate comfort level. The first I met you and staff, I was put to ease of any/all fears making me feel warm, welcome and treated with the highest respect and courtesy.

The facility is hospital clean and sanitary, alleviating fears of infection. Yet, so comfortable and relaxing in every respect. Dr. Kammeyer , you and your staff go above and beyond taking precautions to insure a healthy and safe environment for your patients. Your high end technology, equipment and treatment is the best available. It's very reassunng.

The fact that you provide Covid testing in house prior to surgery is a huge advantage! your clean room, testing staff and you have been highly trained for this procedure as was evident. It was a pleasure to see all that you have in place for the Covid pandemic to put folks at complete ease. A concept all other should follow!

After much research on implants, facilities, Doctors, etc., it is my judgment there is none neither better nor, more prepared than Solutions Dental. I take this opportunity to again thank you and staff for a 100% positive experience and outcome. You folks are the best and a true credit to your profession.

Kindest regards,
Robert Breuniger - 10/27/2020

"To: Anyone who is tired of dentures, gaps in their teeth or bridges.
Dr. Greg Kammeyer, D.D.S., MS founder of SOLUTIONS DENTAL IMPLANTS was a practicing dentist who returned to academia to learn the evolving art and sciences of dental implantation. Teeth are added individually or one at a time as needed due to existing teeth becoming unsavable. Over the past 2 decades, SOLUTIONS DENTAL has replaced many teeth for both of us with the result that our smiles and to chew are much as they were a half century ago.

Dr. K's staff members are hand-picked for their skills, knowledge, caring nature and good looks. We are very happy to endorse Dr. Kammeyer and staff."

Dr. & Mrs Stuart T Watson - 10/2/2020

"I have 11 implants and I've never had any pain with the procedures. The office is very friendly and very professional and very clean. They take very good care of you as a patient and they are very patient and caring. If I didn't already have implants, I would go back to Dr. Kammeyer again."

Sara Palermo

"Five years ago I had the privilege of visiting the office of Dr. Greg Kammeyer for a dental implant. The entire staff and the doctor himself impressed me as no other physician's office in my 66 years of life. This group was not only very thorough and competent every step of the way, but they made me feel like a King.

"The staff treated me with kindness and warmth that is seldom experienced in any doctor's office. Dr. Kammeyer is extremely personable and in his gentle way makes you understand each step of the procedure both before and after it takes place. The procedure itself was painless and both times came off without a hitch.

"Now, five years later, I have had my second implant. I felt like I was coming home-for a guy who never wanted any part of a dental situation, this statement is immense.

"I could not recommend another dental implant office more highly than this one-nor any doctor's office."

Steve M., Glendale, AZ

"I am an RN, MBA new to Arizona and really researched who to trust with my implant procedure. The dental implant I needed is very visible with a smile and it was therefore critical that I choose a competent and capable professional???happy to report I picked the best team!!

"After much research and a couple of visits to other local dentists/oral surgeons, I chose Dr. Kammeyer and his team. I am very satisfied with my outstanding results. First the office is very clean and beautifully appointed-it has a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

"The staff (Linda, Joyce, Sue and Tracy) are incredible, each one a professional who knows how to make patients feel comfortable. Dr. Kammeyer is a perfectionist with his work and very caring as a dental surgeon-he explains every step along the way, what is going on and what results to expect.

"Thank you, Dr. Kammeyer, and your staff, for making my experience the best it could be. I am thrilled with my results. (You should know I am a very difficult person to please who is very satisfied!)"

Sonia H., Sun City, AZ

"I just wanted to thank you again for my new mouth. After struggling for so long with bad teeth and partials, which never fit properly for longer than a month, it is nice to finally have a mouth that feels and looks as though it contains my own natural teeth. I put off doing implants for so long, not because of the cost that I though would be involved, but because of the pain that I thought I would have to endure. It was not as painful as I thought it would be. I know that I have you and your staff to thank for that. It is safe to say this is a decision that I will never regret making. It was worth every dollar"

Linda D., Surprise, AZ

"I didn't feel any pain and that amazed me, cause I felt worse after having a tooth pulled then having all that done. The implants gave me a feeling of security that I didn't have to worry about my teeth and that helped me too."

Gene M., Surprise, AZ

"I highly recommend Dr. Kammeyer. I had 4 implants on the lower left side and one on the lower right side. I am very pleased with the results. The procedure was painless."

Elliot S., Sun City West, AZ

"When I looked out the window this afternoon and saw the flower truck I said to myself, ‘oh dear, Pat (my driver) must have told the whole neighborhood of my surgery.' What a pleasant surprise to find that the flowers were from Dr. Kammeyer and his staff at Solutions! I must admit, I am in fear and trepidation of stepping outside of Mayo for any treatment whatsoever.I could write a book on the horror stories I hear from my friends at the bridge table, as well as my clients at St. Vincent de Paul of the work and practices of some local physicians and their clinics. But from the moment I walked into your beautifully decorated office and talked to your pleasant staff, I knew and felt it would be different. I cannot think of another thing you and your staff could have done for me. Your expertise would be hard to match-at mayo or anywhere."

Gerry M., Surprise, AZ

"My very first visit with Dr. Kammeyer was a pleasant experience for me. He was so thorough explaining my implant procedure, that I felt very comfortable with my decision to have the procedure done. I was also very impressed because he and his staff took as much time as I needed to answer any questions, which helped ease my projected fears. He's a Dr. who really listens to his patients. I have had several people ask me, ‘if you had to do it over again, would you?' My reply?'only if Dr. Kammeyer does the procedure.'"

Yvonne K., Surprise, AZ

"I am very happy with the results I got with implants. The worry about trying to eat with a lower denture does not exist anymore. Dr. Kammeyer and his staff were very professional and very nice. A good job plus."

Keith W., Sun City West, AZ

"At my age should I spend that much money? My teeth were loose and my dentist said I would eventually have a partial or denture and I did not want to take them out. My teeth look very natural. People do not know they are not my own teeth."

Marylou H., Sun City West, AZ

"I want to thank you for the care and gentleness I received regarding my implants. Do you all know, I was scared to death but your staff explained everything so well and assured me I would be fine."

Laura F.

"A decision was made, after many options were presented, with the most professional dental team I have encountered, Dr. Kammeyer and his staff, to install two implants to support a new bridge. The work was done, and to my complete amazement, virtually no pain was ever experienced from just before the surgery to this date one and a half years later. Call me lucky, but I believe it was due to the superb care and concern of Dr. Kammeyer and his staff."

James T.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Kammeyer for 2 years and I just wanted to say my experience has been just wonderful. He and his staff are very caring and make you feel very comfortable from the time you walk in the door. I am very happy with my implants. I have recommended Dr. Kammeyer and his practice very highly to my friends and family. I say ‘go for it!'"

Aris P., Sun City, AZ

"I am totally happy with the results. Prior to the procedure, I was losing bone in my jaw, which caused me to bite my tongue, improperly chew food, and caused my face to have a sunken appearance. Since I had been trying to use my front teeth to chew and bite, I was gulping my food, and improperly chewing, which also caused digestive problems. I now have a fuller face, both bone and gums are healthier and eating is once again, a real pleasure. I did not realized just how inadequate my bite and chewing had become over the years as I adjusted to the loss of my teeth, until this procedure. I would highly recommend the procedure to any candidate and definitely recommend Dr. Kammeyer and staff."

Carl A., Surprise, AZ

"When I was thinking of the implant procedure-I had some anxiety about it. But, talking to Dr. Kammeyer I got the courage to go ahead with the implants. Dr. Kammeyer and my general dentist made it possible for me to be happy and confident with my appearance and confidence of my smile. 9 implants later, I couldn't be any happier with my teeth, and, you will be just as happy. Thanks to Dr. Kammeyer for his dental technology and my general dentist working together."

Lorri S., Scottsdale, AZ

"The support you have provided my wife and I through this process is unrivaled. She says that she is noticing so many highly positive changes in her outward appearance as a direct result of the surgery. Joyce is ‘very very happy', and that makes me ‘very very happy.' She is telling anyone who will listen about the awesome work that you do. Joyce's ‘info-mercial' about you runs non-stop(*smile*)."

Carnell C. - 359th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade, Bagram Afghanistan, regarding wife, Joyce's care:, Avondale, AZ

"If you have any difficultly at all he is there for you and I think that is the greatest assurance you can have. I would say to anyone needing this kind of treatment that it is well worth it. It enhances your quality of life and it gives you a new lease and I would just say go for it."

Carol F., Sun City, AZ

"I was very happy with the way I was treated. I was always welcome and if I did have a problem I knew I could call him and it would be taken care of but because it was done the way it was done as professionally as it was done, I never had a single problem."

Wayne E., Phoenix, AZ

"The staff and Dr Kammeyer they're very caring and they're very genuine. You don't get that very often, it was worth it."

Deanna B., Anthem, AZ

"My dentist sent me to Dr Kammeyer and he saved my life. I was hoping he could help me eat for the rest of my life and the work would be permanent so that I wouldn't have to repeat it when I was older and couldn't handle it. I was hoping he would give me a nice smile and I think he has done everything I wanted."

Dorthy S., Surprise, AZ

"Words can not express the eminence and gratitude I feel or the newfound confidence I have because of your kindness and expertise. Looking at myself in the mirror with my beautiful new teeth caused me to reflect on my childhood as a young Dinka boy. My parents believed that removing the lower teeth was a way to be identified as a Dinka and a way to ward off diseases. Removal of the lower teeth as a youth, in Dinka culture, was a symbol of pride. Although growing up in exile, away from my homeland, made me see that not having my lower teeth created a stigma for me, especially when I came to America. I spent years trying to hide the fact that my teeth were missing because I realized that I came to a society where smiling is a way of life. God's grace afforded me the opportunity to meet you and receive the best dental care I could ever imagine. A dream that was long deferred due to financial difficulties was made possible by your generosity. Thank you, Dr. Kammeyer, you made a big difference in my live. May God bless you and keep you."

Peter G., Phoenix, AZ

"Dr Kammeyer has that gentle touch we look for in a dentist, and his meticulous attention to detail insures the highest quality of work. He keeps abreast of new advances in implants and new procedures. From the welcome in the front office to the operatory, I felt informed and cared for. The evening after my procedure, Dr. Kammeyer phoned to check on me and let me know I could call him direct if I needed to. It is so comforting to have confidence in Dr. Kammeyer's knowledge, skill and caring. At this time in my life, keeping my teeth strong and healthy, helps me keep my body strong and healthy. I highly recommend Dr. Kammeyer and his team when you need an implant. You will be glad you went to him."

Barbara B., Sun City West, AZ

"He did a superb job of keeping me informed. I never had any anxieties what so ever - NEVER! It's better than my regular teeth. They look better, they're straight and the spacing on them is correct. I just don't even really think about them anymore. They are just part of me."

Carl G., Sun City Grand, AZ

"The benefits of the implants as apposed to any other kind of dental or oral fixtures is so much superior. You can smile; your confidence level rises up considerably. Being able to eat what you want, to be able to clearly enunciate words easier; there are so many advantages. My smile is perfect: it is absolutely perfect now. So the cosmetic benefits, the lifestyle benefits form implants is so significantly more than having the ordinary partials and dentures put in."

Bob S., Sun City, AZ

"There are a lot of things that you can do with the same amount of money; however what else would you do that would be that lasting, that would benefit me for the rest of my life. Good value for the money I spent, excellent value."

Diane K., Glendale, AZ

"My dentist told me that because I was such a complicated case that there was only one doctor I could go to and that was Dr. Kammeyer. This is a blessing. I can eat corn on the cob, I can bite an apple, I can eat ribs - this is a whole new world after what I had before."

E.F., Surprise, AZ

"I've had a fear of dentists from a very young age, Dr Kammeyer and his staff made me feel very comfortable by taking the time to answer all of my questions. Everything went as planned, with no problems or complications. I was not pressured into any decision making and I give Dr. Kammeyer's entire office my heartiest recommendation."

Fred J., Peoria, AZ

"For thirty plus years I have had gum and teeth issues, eventually losing all my upper jaw teeth and two molars in my lower jaw. In 2010 I decided to have an implant in my lower jaw. This was performed by Dr. G. Kammeyer at Sun City West during my winter residence in Arizona. The procedure and care from Dr. K and nurses, aides and office staff was outstanding. It truly exceeded my expectation for quality. Parenthetically, my profession prior to my retirement was in Quality Management in a major U.S. manufacturing corporation.

As a result of this very positive experience and after so many years with the hassles of an upper jaw plate, the decision to have permanent teeth in my mouth was easy. Dr. Kammeyer again placed implants in my upper jaw in 2011. I had a full set of teeth finally in my mouth by the spring of 2012.

I am delighted with my much improved appearance and more importantly with the ability to freely chew and enjoy the taste of food again. Truly, I am exceedingly pleased with my decision to undergo Dr. K's implant surgery and of course with my family dentist".

Stavros K., Surprise, AZ

"I decided to have two implants put in and Dr. Kammeyer was recommended to me by both my primary Physician and my primary Dentist. I admired Dr. Kammeyer's professionalism and long standing knowledge of his profession and thorough treatment. I felt secure in his decisions. I presented a complicated case that he solved and made sure every detail was to my satisfaction. His follow up examines were very thorough to make sure everything was the way it should be. Dr. Kammeyer and his staff made me feel very comfortable and were always cordial and complimentary."

M. Koegele, Wickenburg, AZ

"When Dr. Kammeyer called me the evening of my morning gum transplant to see how I was, all I could say was "Wonderful". We all know the good feeling of being in the hands of experts. Many Thanks."

E. Daugherty, Surprise, AZ

"Wow! What a lovely experience. Supurb medical care! Plus, all of you are so very sweet to my wife and I! After my surgery, we were further treated to a nice surprise that was delivered to my home. Finally, Dr. Kammeyer called to see how my recovery was going. A much appreciated gesture. You are all so good at what you do. We love you all dearly!"

S. Watson , Surprise, AZ

"Thank you and your staff, once again, for your dedication, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, cheerfulness, helpfulness, and the comfort and peace you bestow. One of the nicest things in the world is knowing somebody cares. And you and your staff certainly convey that message! Just wanted to say thanks for following my procedure. Your phone call the following morning was a wonderful surprise, which again exemplifies the caring, the thoroughness and the professional service you all provide. Those are qualities of a true professional who shares the gifts he has been given to help others in their needs. Isn't it amazing how the Lord leads us when we are not even aware of it! He knew you were the perfect answer to my dental needs and I know we put a smile on His face when we are a to help one another in some manner, even when it is unbeknownst to us. You have been blessed with the gifts and characteristics that He desires and I know that as you walk with Him, and seek His wisdom in leadership, He will bless you abundantly. I am truly delighted with the progress of my treatment. Thank you again."

N. Kineman, Sun City West, AZ

"Rest assured - you are in excellent and gifted hands. I hope all my friends, loved ones, and clients who would benefit from Dr. Kammeyer's expertise, would have the opportunity too. Every attention to detail is met and even the most challenging cases - like mine (bone infection, saving an old implant performed elsewhere) celebrate success under his care.

Did I mention how wonderful the professional staff that work for Dr. Kammeyer are!! Wonderful, kind, and gracious. When I think about my experience with Dr. Kammeyer, I feel grateful, happy and realize I have made some wonderful friends for life. I have had 3 successful implants, gum graft, and Dr. Kammeyer healed an existing bone infection and regrewbone in the site of the area of the infection site.

If you are deciding who will perform your implant/dental surgery, my vote goes to Dr. Kammeyer for all the reasons I mentioned and more."

C. Arena, Sedona, AZ

"Dear Dr. Kammeyer & all your wonderful staff,
Thank You so much for being so kind. It makes such a difference :-)"

Cameron W., Buckeye, AZ

"Thank you so much for the bouquet of pretty flowers. I enjoyed them for many days. Also, I really appreciate and am thankful for all of your kindness and caring."

Pat S., Sun City West, AZ

"There are no words to express my gratitude for your great performance and wonderful staff. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It means so very much to me."

Marie M., Surprise, AZ

"Thank you and your staff for being so considerate to me this past year. I appreciate your kindness."

Louise L., Sun City, AZ

"Just a note to thank you so very much for the lovely flowers. It was a lovely surpise and they really cheered me up. I would also like to tell you that my experience with all of you looking after me was really great and I can not thank you enough. I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon."

Alison H., Phoenix, AZ

"It was certainly a pleasant surprise when a beautiful Azalia arrived at my home. I have really enjoyed admiring it. Thank you all for a job extremely well done."

Laura B., Sun City West, AZ

"Thank you all so very much for the lovely plant! It was my favorite from all our years in Oregon. Your thought and warm wisher were greatly appreciated at such a stressful time. It really brightenend my day."

Jennifer J., Sun City, AZ

"Just a little note to say "Thank You!" for all of you care and concern. It is truly appreciated. I experienced no pain, no swelling, and very little bleeding. Great Job! I have the up most appreciated for all of your efforts."


"Wow! Thank you soo much for the beautiful floral arrangement! The colors are lovely and the fragrance is wonderful. I have been very please with my treatment at your office. Especially since I experienced a minimum amount of discomfort. Everyone has been very professional and maintained a T.L.C. (Tender Love & Care) approach. Thank you again for all of your kindness."

Mike E., Sun City, AZ

"You and your staff will always be entrusted with my care. You are personable, friendly, and truly care about your patients. You even took the time to call in the evening of my surgery.You will never know just how much I appreciate you. Then there is your staff… You be especially proud of them… They care and it shows."

Ellen S., Surprise, AZ

"Thank you for the flowers! It was very nice of you guys to send flowers to the most challenging patient you had all year! Thank you for making this as easy as you possibly could for me. I appreciate all of you."

Wendy F., Surprise, AZ

"To all at your office… A world of Thanks to you… Thank you for going above and beyond and also for the ride home!"

Victoria D., Tucson, AZ

"Dear Dr. Kammeyer, I want to express my gratitude to you, your dear wife, and each special member of your staff for making my surgery and other interactions such positive, and highly informative experiences full of warmth and caring. I also appreciate the lovely flowers, the prayers from all of you, the hugs, smiles, and laughter. God Bless Each of You."

Cheryl B., Surprise, AZ

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "Very professional, very positive impression."
2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "The discomfort was nowhere near what I had imagined it to be. If I felt any discomfort, Dr. Kammeyer would stop to address it before proceeding."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - " I am sorry I waited for so long, because of fear. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone. One of the few times I felt I got my money's worth."

"This is something I dreaded and feared for so many years. Dr. Kammeyer took the nightmare out of it and made it something I could deal with."

Linda D., Surprise, AZ

"Dear Dr. Kammeyer & Your Wonderful Team,

What a wonderful surprise to recieve the beautiful flowers from you. My experience on the 24th was excellent, and today I feel amazed at how comfortable I do feel! Many thanks for your thoughtfulness."

Harriet W., Sun City West, AZ

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "Lovely, spacious, well appointed - friendly staff, gracious reception."
2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "There was NO discomfort."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "Absolutely, would recommend to friends."

"My dentist, Dr. McCall, recommended Dr. Kammeyer without reservation - he is a skilled specialist."

Katie H., Sun City West, AZ

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "Excellent, A1"

2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "My surgery went very, very well. Sedation was great as long as you follow instructions."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "Yes! I am very pleased I had this treatment."

Carol B., Sun City West, AZ

"My first impression of Dr. Kammeyers office was inviting and comfortable. The consultation with Dr. and staff was very reassuring and they expressed concern about my apprehension. During and after the procedure I experienced no discomfort at all, consequentl needing no further medication. The entire process was very much worth the time and investment. I would absolutely recommend Solutions Dental Implants to anyone in need. My sincere appreciation Dr. Kammeyer and staff for your expertise and care. Thank You! :-)"

Vivian F., Surprise, AZ

1. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "Although at some times things were hard and a lot of time, and money was invested, I am very happy with my results. I am glad that I went through with this."

Alex B.

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "Friendly staff, beautiful and calming furnishings. Nice sweet smell."

2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "There was no discomfort at all!! It was painless."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "Yes, yes."

" I have had some very painful experiences at the dentist offices. I had no pain at all. No need for pain medication. Dr. Kammeyer is ‘the Best'."

N. Coren

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "I felt like I was walking into someones warm, comfortable home."

2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "There was no discomfort."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "I have already recommended you to my family and friends."

"My doctor and his staff were all outstanding. The staff introduced themselves, I was shown around the office and felt very comfortable with everyone. Upon leaving I received instructions that included the doctor's home telephone number in case I needed help during the night and was told that I was to feel comfortable calling him at any hour. He did not want me to feel that he was not there if I needed them.

At 8:30pm, the phone rang and to my surprise it was my doctor checking on me. Now that was special! He asked what I was doing and how I felt. By my answer he could tell that I had not gone to bed yet, so he ordered me to bed in a gentle way and I went as soon as we finished talking. You see, my husband read the directions and did not explain I was to go to bed immediately upon arriving home. From beginning to end, my procedure was very smooth. Everyone shoild be so blessed as to have Dr. Kammeyer.

P.S. I would like to mention that the doctor's wife stopped by, introduced herself and I could tell immediately that she was a very caring person! I was very blessed to have been referred here."

Shirley A., Sun City West, AZ

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "Very professional. Nicely furnished - reinforced a feeling of confidence. Very welcoming."

2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "I experienced no pain or discomfort whatsoever during the procedures and minimal discomfort afterwards."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "I highly recommend Solutions Dental Implants. No hesitations and no reservations whatsoever. Serously, they're true professionals. The best!"

"First: The Work - There were a total of 5 implants performed which included bone regeneration and enhancement and gum augmentation (upper and lower).

"Second: The Approach - Dr. Kammeyer carefully deliviered the overall plan and examined in detail the process, the ‘how', and what it meant. He tooth the time to understand what my objectives were and to address my concerns and answer my questions. It was an open, reassuring and supportive process. He made sure that the patient was very much a real part of the process. I felt he was talking to me… not just about the work to be performed. Dr. Kammeyer is an active listener and an effective communicator. He has a team that handles their part with the same professional interest in the patient.

"Third: The Results - Terrific! All of the work was performed carefully, professionally, effectively, and efficiently. They are true professionals. And, for me, my mouth has been restored to good health and the ‘look' is GREAT!"

John C., Surprise, AZ

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "The people were very sincere and reassuring."

2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "The discomfort was very harsh."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "Yes, yes."

"The discomfort lasted a year, however, since I received my teeth, it feels super! I wouldnt have done anything else."

Linda R., Sedona, AZ

1. What was your impression of our office upon your first visit? - "Relaxed living room atmosphere."

2. How would you describe the discomfort? - "Minimal."

3. Considering the time, energy and investment, were your results worth it? - "I would recommend Dr. Kammeyer to friends and family."

"Dr. Kammeyer is an expert in his field and he surrounds himself with a well-qualified and professional staff."

Carole D., Sun City West, AZ
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