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Free Gingival Grafts
Sun City West, AZ

Vector graphic of teeth in jaw with left half colored blue and white, and right half colored gray and whiteFree Gingival Grafts are designed to reinforce your gums in weak and receding places. If you have receding gums, there is a chance that you could lose a tooth since your gums help hold them in place. Your gums also help cover the roots of your teeth to protect them from infection and exposure to open air. DR Kammeyer can take a piece of the tissue along the roof of your mouth, and graft it over your receding gums. When it heals, your gums will be fuller and stronger. The purpose of a free gingival graft is to augment the tissue and to try to prevent further bone loss and recession. After this procedure, it is very important to keep your gums healthy with regular cleanings.
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