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Implant Stability Quotient Meter (ISQ)
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A dental implant post held in front of model of teeth and gumsDental implants are one of the more common procedures people ask to have. Studies suggest that the procedure has a 90% success rate on average. Many dental professionals want this number to be higher. Thus, the implant stability quotient (ISQ) meter was developed to make sure that implant stability and osseointegration is properly assessed. This can help to minimize or eliminate the pain brought on by failed dental implants. Here at Solutions Dental Implants we do everything we can to provide the highest level of success to our patients with this revolutionary technique. We aim to provide you with only the best dental care and to do this with little to no pain involved.

How Does Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) Meter Work?

The ISQ meter gauges just how well an implant is attached to the bone. This allows to take steps significantly reduces the chance of failure in regards to implants. The figures on the meter show when an implant anchor has fused to be bone enough to properly support the rest of the implant. The process is done by utilizing the implant stability instrument, and the wireless SmartPeg adhered to the implant. It is non-invasive, contactless, and patients do not feel anything during the measurement. It only takes a few seconds to do this. A value is then displayed on the instrument, which will tell the stability of the implant.

The instrument mechanically vibrates into two modes if the bone is non-homogenous. This indicates both the lowest and highest stability directions. Normally, the range is between 55 and 80, but the scale is between 1 and 100. However, if the implant stability quotient (ISQ) meter is less than 60, it signifies low stability. If it is between 60 and 69, there is medium stability. Finally, if the figure is greater than 70, it signals high stability. To guarantee that the highest and lowest values are properly measured, the probe must be held perpendicular to the jawline for the first measurement and in line with the jawline for the second measurement.

What is the Advantage of Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) Meter?

The technology of this instrument tells us if the implant has stabilized and if it has fused far enough in the jaw to load the implant into it. This helps evaluate objectively and non-invasively both implant stability and determine the development of osseointegration. These are done without threatening the healing process. The procedure is accurate, efficient and fast. This benefits the patient and the members of our staff who are working on the implant. The treatment time is also significantly decreased. Without risking the patient’s well-being, better results are achieved.

If you are considering dental implants, contact Solutions Dental Implants to schedule a consultation. We have both the expertise and technology to make the dental implant process a success. We will walk you through the procedure, so you always know what is happening before it happens. Call us today at (480) 956-6113 to schedule your appointment with us and begin the process of regaining your mouths full function again.
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Implant Stability Quotient Meter (ISQ) | Sun City West, AZ | Solutions Dental Implants
Here at Solutions Dental Implants we do everything we can to provide the highest level of success to our patients with this revolutionary technique. Learn more.
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