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Platelet Derived Growth Factor
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Smiling woman sitting in roomPlatelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) plays an important role in wound healing. The growth factor is released by platelets when an initial thrombus or a blood clot is initially produced to activate cells nearby and promote fast regeneration. Due to its chemotactic properties, Platelet Derived Growth Factor promotes faster healing and cell regulation. This makes PDGF extremely helpful in surgeries or procedures that require quick recovery. Here at Solutions Dental Implants, we perform procedures with an option to include Platelet Derived Growth Factor to speed up healing and recovery.

What can Platelet Derived Growth Factor do?

When performing medical and surgical procedures, it is always best to make sure that patients can easily get back to their normal lives and perform their usual routine. This isn’t just an idea we try to follow in our office; it is one of our primary goals with everything we do.

We understand all of our patients’ needs, and we address them the best way we can. When we perform dental procedures, we offer them the choice to include Platelet Derived Growth Factor with the treatment process to help them get on track as fast as they possibly can. If you undergo dental procedures, such as dental implants, this will help hasten tissue regeneration resulting in a better overall outcome.

Knowledge and Understanding Is Key

Achieving a successful tissue regeneration process in line with the best medical protocols and practices after performing medical and surgical procedures might be difficult in some scenarios. After all, nothing is perfect. However, that does not stop us from trying. We have always envisioned providing our patients with the best possible care; this includes reducing pain, complications and recovery time while providing superior results.

If you went to the store and bought a birdhouse kit, followed the instructions and put it together, would you call yourself an expert? Of course not, and neither would we. When it comes to improving recovery times and increasing the quality of care we provide, we don’t just get a new instrument or product and expect it to do the job. We take the time to learn everything we can about it, whether it is reading research papers and studies or practice with the equipment in training situations before we implement. We have devoted much time to stay on top of the recent advances in dental treatments, and Platelet Derived Growth Factor is one of them. It has been truly a game changer in the field of tissue engineering and regeneration which allows us to successfully treat virtually any oral condition.

When you come to our office, you can rest assured that you are being seen by an expert whose only goal is to provide you with the best care possible.

The Best Before, During and Aftercare

If you are looking for the best possible care from qualified experts who put extremely value on your time, comfort and recovery, then you want Solutions Dental Implants. Contact our office today at (480) 956-6113 today and experience the difference for yourself.
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Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) | Sun City West, AZ | Solutions Dental Implants
Here at Solutions Dental Implants, we perform procedures with an option to include Platelet Derived Growth Factor to speed up healing and recovery. Learn more here.
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